Notice anything??? 🤔 YES, that is real!! 😱

Some people may be surprised to hear this, but for years I’ve always wanted a tattoo, especially of a butterfly. A butterfly is the only thing I ever really wanted. 

I’ve even thought about where I’d like it. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’d have it on my upper back, between my shoulder blades. 

But unfortunately, all my life I’ve had a massive fear of needles 💉 I’m sure it stems from my childhood. So, if I was to ever get a tattoo I’d have to be sedated to get me to stay in my seat!! 😂 

I don’t think that’ll be happening. I’ve thought of trying everything…alcohol 🍸, medication and I’ve even though about taking a valum!! I’d so love one, I’ve even put it on my Bucket List!! 😂

Plus, I don’t think my skin would react well to it. My skin is fragile enough without causing more problems. The risk of infection in my everyday life is very high, let alone adding a tattoo into the mix. I don’t think my doctor would approve either! 😱 she really loves would have a heart attack! 

But I have to accept it, it’s not going to happen 😪. 

Almost 5 years ago now, Sebrina started to work with me as my PA. As long as I know her she’s talked about getting a tattoo. She didn’t have one but was dying to have the perfect one. 

We Googled lots of different quotes, in different languages and she finally settled on one – Bean Làidir – Strong Woman. 

We both went to the tattoo parlour. We were both so excited. She was dying to get it done on her wrist and I was so looking forward to seeing one actually being done! 🤗

But would you believe it…the place was upstairs!!! 😱 The cheek!!😂 Hoe could they not be more prepared!! She went up and I could hear her screams below…😂, kidding!!!! 

I think from that day on she got the ‘tattoo bug’! She wanted more. 

A few years later she picked something else she wanted. She has a beautiful, big family and wanted something to represent them. So she got a tattoo saying ‘Ohana’ (family) in the infinity symbol on her foot. 

We went to Star Ink in Portlaoise and got that done by Pascal. I’d never been to a tattooist before so didn’t know what to expect but they were so lovely and welcoming. 

I loved watching it being done. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Sebrina was laughing at the face I was making. God knows what I looked like!! 🙄

She was thrilled with Ohana, but still wasn’t satisfied. 

Over the last few months she has been talking about getting a new tattoo. We didn’t even discuss it, she knew what she wanted…the DEBRA Ireland butterfly. 😱🤗 

Oh my God!!! 😱 Is she serious??!! 🙏🏻 I’d so love it!! It would mean so much to me…more than she’d ever know. 😪

I decided not to push it, but week after week she’d mention it. “I want that butterfly”! It wouldn’t leave her mind. She knew she wanted it and there was no wavering from her. 

We talked about it. The size, but most importantly, where would she put it. I told her about my back but she wanted it where people could see it or she wanted it near her heart ❤️ So sweet. 🤓

So we set the date. Sebrina went into Star Ink and they told her they were fully booked til October!! 😱 Really?? That’s ages away!! 

One of the guys “Te” was in the background and he kindly offered to do it during his lunch break last Thursday. Isn’t that so kind. They were so accommodating. 

The boys in Star Ink have also kindly supported EB Awareness Day in the last few years and I hope will support us again. I really like the guys in there. They’re excellent at what they do and always so lovely when we go in. 

I had to go in with Sebrina on the Thursday (to hold her hand!!) 😉 and I couldn’t wait to see what it’d look like. Te had the butterfly up on his computer when we went in. Sebrina picked the exact size she wanted and we were ready to go. 

Oh, I had butterflies (no pun intended!!) 😂 but I couldn’t wait. I always wanted this and if there was anyone I would like to get it instead of me, it would be Sebrina. She knows me inside out and has seen EB at it’s best and at it’s worst. She has seen every side of it and has always helped me in any way she can. 

She got into the chair and Te put it where she would like it. She decided to go with the side of her hand. 

“Now, you’re ok B, I promise”! 🤗

Oh bless her! I can see her face scrunching up. She’s in pain, I know it. But she’ll never admit it! Look at what she’s doing for me…and for everyone with EB. This means the whole world to me. 

It didn’t take too long. I’d be surprised if we were there for more than 30 minutes?? 😳 It looked amazing. Te got the size, shape and the colour exactly right. It was perfect. We both loved it. I WANT ONE TOO!! 😍

Thank you so much to Te, Pascal and Rory. We still can’t stop looking at the tattoo. I like to call it OUR tattoo!! 😂 It may have been a small tattoo but it was a big thing to me! 

A day I’ll never forget! 😘. 

Sebrina’s marked for life with the beautiful DEBRA Ireland butterfly tattoo but I’m marked for life with raw, open and very painful wounds. 

Give me a tattoo any day 😍

Well done B (and thank you!) 😘


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