I’ve had such an amazing time at Barretstown and I loved receiving our awards but this can’t be happening again. The infection can’t be back! 😱

Over the last few weeks I’ve had a few wounds on my left foot. They were sore but nothing I was too concerned about. 

All my life I’ve had problems with my left foot. It’s been a nightmare for me at times but I’ve always got through it. I’ve tried to get out as much as I could. 

It’s never EVER been clear of wounds. It’s always had something. 😑

One year I was at the Mini Marathon and it rained on top of me. πŸ’¦ I got soaked!!! 😱 The rain went through my clothes and right through my bandages. 

Eventually my bandages dried but when they did, they practically turned into sandpaper and took the skin off 90% of my foot. 😫 It was awful. It took 18 months for that to heal. 😀

That’s just one example of the many problems I’ve had with this foot. 

It causes me so much trouble that they should make a film called “My Left Foot”…oh wait, they already did!!! πŸ˜‚

Anyway, like I said over the last few weeks I’ve had a few wounds on it. There is 2 medium sized ones on my inner ankle and others on my heel and around the rest of my foot. 

Unfortunately the ones on my ankle joined up into one huge wound!! 😱 It was so painful and to me if definitely looked infected. πŸ™ˆ It had yellow/green exudate all over the wound and it wouldn’t budge. 

So the Public Health Nurse came on a Wednesday and took a swab of my ankle. 

God, even taking a swab of my ankle is hurting me. 😩 A swab is like a giant cotton bud and you run it over the wound to take a sample of whatever is on it. 

Anyway, Sebrina and I dropped it into the lab in Portlaoise for it to be checked. It should be back to us in the next few days. 

Well, it should anyway!! We waited, and we waited. 😀 There was no sign of it. But when we’re waiting on things like this, all I can say is “no news is good news”! πŸ™πŸ»

Or is it??……

Mom and I were on the train one Friday afternoon. We were actually coming home from the hospital. 

I had an appointment to check my tube that feeds me. It was leaking really badly. It was even at the stage where whatever I drank or took through the tube it would leak back out 30minutes later. So I wasn’t getting all my meds. 😱 That can’t happen so we got it sorted. 

We hadn’t pulled out of the station yet. But moms phone rang on the train. It was my GP. Oh God, he never rings!! 😱

He said that I had not 1, but 2 (!!!) infections in my ankle. Oh no, this can’t be happening. 

I had a minor infection that could be easily sorted with some oral antibiotics, but the other infection was the problem. πŸ˜”

I had an infection called Psuedomonous. It is the bad infection that made me so sick back in March. I immediately got upset. He said the only way to get rid of it was IV antibiotics. He also said it was so serious that I should get off the train and go back to the hospital. 😱😱😱

He ended the conversation by saying that he was going to ring my EB nurse. So we sat, and we waited…

Then the phone rang again…OMG, I didn’t expect this to be happening. By the time this day is over I could be in a hospital bed πŸ˜ͺ

So, my nurse was on the phone and in those few minutes she had spoken to my specialist doctor. 

My doctor said that she didn’t want to admit me on that day. She said that if I wasn’t “systemically unwell” that I wasn’t to be admitted. Basically she wanted me to get worse before she admitted me. Which was definitely going to happen. This infection will not go away without IV intervention. 

And I did get worse…fast!! πŸ˜ͺ

I was back up the following week to be seen by a different EB doctor. I know him all my life. He’s a brilliant EB doctor. He’s so gentle, kind and understanding. 

He looked at my shoulder/underarm, my back, my knee and my foot. They all looked quite bad and were so sore. 

He said to go clean the wounds with Milton and use a topical cream on the ones he saw. The cream was called Chrystaside. It was basically Milton in a cream formula. And my God did it sting or what?? I screamed every time it was put on a wound. Oh God I’m not able for this. 

Before I went up to see them I took some more swabs. I took 6 more swabs in total. The results came back after I saw the doctor. πŸ™πŸ»

Out of 6 of the swabs taken, 5 of them were Psuedomonous. 😱 Oh, I was devastated. 😭 It meant that that terrible infection was running through my body. The only thing was that the infection was on my wounds and not in my body. 😳

After I got the results I rang my EB nurse again and to be honest I begged to be admitted. I couldn’t believe I was begging to go in but I really didn’t want to get any worse, I don’t want to be “systematically unwell”. It’s scary. When I’m like that I can’t function. 😩

But my doctor was still insisting that I stick with the topical treatment. Her thinking makes sense really. If I use the IV antibiotic for an infection that’s not too bad then I’ll become immune to the antibiotic and then it won’t work when I really need it. 

So as you can see it makes sense. But I know I need to be in. I know this is serious. 

In one week I developed very very deep wounds under both my arms. They look like massive bulletholes. My bum had improved over the last few months but it’s in a terrible way again. Both my thighs have no skin on them and one of my arms has no skin on the forearm. That’s in addition to what I mentioned earlier. 

I’m falling apart in a big way. 

Now, it’s Sunday evening, I’m watching the X Factor in sheer agony. None of my pain killers are hitting the spot. All I can think about is my hospital appointment next Wednesday and I’m not shy to say I’m absolutely terrified. 😩😱πŸ˜ͺ

I’ll be bringing my overnight bag but I’ve no idea what’s going to happen. 😳

Please keep your fingers crossed for me πŸ™πŸ»



4 thoughts on “Really??

  1. oh Dear Emma- you poor poor girl. how on earth can you be still smiling with all this shit going on in your life. I hope they find a cure for this terrible disease soon. I really hope you get sorted soon and get some relief from all your suffering. lots of love and gentle hugs xoxoxox

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